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Culture Monster

Culture Monster


For more than four years, Culture Monster has been revolutionizing the world of arts and culture through high caliber, narrative-driven digital content.  Headed by filmmaker / artist David Donnelly, the Culture Monster team has unique experience and creative vision that can be put to use within your organization to connect with audiences in new ways.  Included below are a few of our offerings. We look forward to an opportunity to partner with you.

Customized Promotional Spots & Digital Shorts

Building anticipation around a particular concert or season through a fast-paced promotional spot is an effective tool that can reach beyond traditional audiences. The Culture Monster team will work with you to craft a story that highlights the unique elements of your organization.  In addition to the spot, this offering includes dozens of clips and stills that can be strategically distributed on social media.

Multi-Part Web Series

By breaking up a story into short episodes and staggering the release across a variety of platforms, your organization can create a buzz and captivate an online audience.  Culture Monster will work with your team to explore different story possibilities and create opportunities for select individuals and musicians to gain exposure.   Multi-episodic web series are often attractive to corporate sponsors. This package also includes clips and stills for social media distribution.

Hybrid Film Concerts

For several years, the Culture Monster team has been studying why more people don’t attend classical concerts.  This cumulative knowledge has been applied to create a new type of classical program that Donnelly calls a hybrid film / concert experience.  This radical new approach interlaces short, narrative-driven video vignettes with short, classical pieces. The vignettes introduce each piece, and come together to tell a cohesive story.  Culture Monster will work with your team to design a customized hybrid film concert experience that will wow both your current patrons and audiences who may be hesitant to attend traditional performances.  This package includes lighting schemes, a promotional spot for the premiere, and countless clips and stills for social media use.

Feature Length Documentaries

In some instances, a particular story may demand a more extensive format.  Feature length documentaries not only create the possibility of global exposure, but they also preserve the legacy of your organization.

Maestro Screening + Q &A with Director

Maestro is a feature length documentary that stars Paavo Jarvi, Joshua Bell, Hilary Hahn, and Lang Lang. It has been distributed on networks and platforms across the globe Screenings have been used as fundraisers, special events for patrons, and as a tool to connect with broader audiences.